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Bonnie Rockwaller, in her Cheerleader outfit
"Fine, you made the squad!"

— Bonnie

Bonnie Rockwaller is a main character in Kim Possible series


Character description

Bonnie is a medium sized girl with tan skin and short brown hair. She generally wears a pink top and dark-pink pants at school, and a standard Cheerleader uniform while practicing with the squad.


Being part of an Aristocrat family, Bonnie is way snotty and unfriendly toward her fellow students. She has a personal grudge against Kim and dislikes Ron due to his low reputation and weird characteristics, though in Homecoming Upset she displays interests in Ron, but it's mostly due to the fact that they are King 'n' Queen at that moment. Often Bonnie and Kim gets into girl fighting frequently both during school time and cheerleader practicing - sometimes both of them get nothing for it. Despite being nasty, Bonnie has various skills, like driving, ballet-dancing, and she's pretty good at using her ability to tease Kim. Bonnie is also intelligent, as she plans most of her action pretty well, though in Graduation, she fails to make it and has to take summer grade.

Unlike Kim, Bonnie is very confident in talking with boys, and she is good looking enough to score some dates with Mad Dog's QB Bricks Flag. However, Bonnie eventually realizes that no boys are ever faithful to her, and she is, indeed, very lonely thanks to her own attitude. It seems that destiny finally forgives her after her confessions during Homecoming Upset, which later leads Bonnie to find her true boyfriend - Junior Senior Senior. They remain together at this point on.

Role in Story

Bonnie plays a very large role in the series comparing to the other main character. It's believed that she knew Kim before the series even start, in Kindergarten (As stated by Ron during Homecoming Upset). She first encountered Kim in Junior High School when they were 10 - here, Kim tried to become a Cheerleader and Bonnie is one of the Judges. Bonnie already disliked Kim due to her appearance at this point, but still approved her into the team as she did very good - it's believed that Kim became the head Cheerleader shortly afterward, and Bonnie became the Vice leader.

During High School, Bonnie regularly appears at school, often playing minor role involving Kim and the mission she is dealing with. Early in the school year, she spots Kim trying to talk with Josh Mankey and teases her with it, believing that Josh will never agree to hang out with Kim, but it backfired her in the end. Shortly afterward, she accompanies Kim and the Cheerleader squad on a trip to a Cheerleading contest - they ended up being trapped in Wannaweep camp by Gil and Bonnie again believes Ron (The only person who's still free) can never help them. Ron however managed to save the team and Bonnie simply thanked him for his efforts, trying to hide her nervous for false accusing him before. She then appears again in Middleton High School's Skiing trip, teasing Kim on her childhood memories that her parents revealed during the trip - Bonnie even tries to ask Mr. James for more info but Ron accidentally cut their conversation off. At the end of the trip, she is joined by her mother and the situation reverted. A while later, Bonnie tries to overthrow Kim in Number One by convincing her to retire the Head Cheerleader position. She even starts a campaign to win the team's votes by volunteer works and it actually helps her greatly while Kim is busy dealing with Will. However, her plan again backfired her when Kim volunteers to give in. Her first major role happens in Kimitation Nation when she starts a new fashion trend but later gets beaten by Kim's. Drakken mistakenly took her ADN which in turn created a destruction Bonnie clones that attack Kim and her friends in Middleton.

Starting the second year, Bonnie has a minor role in episode Car Trouble passing the Driving test with perfect result. During the Career Week, Bonnie gets to work with Kim's mom and has a hard time laughing as Kim is forced to work with Mr. Joe (Whom they think is a Janitor). Bonnie later appears as the "Queen Bebe" in same name episode - she gives Kim many troubles, so Drakken thinks she is suitable to lead his new Bebe Robot squad. Shortly afterward, she competes Kim in Talent Day with her Ballet Show, in which Kim evened out with her singing show, though at the end, Ron won the first position. In the episode Return to Wannaweep, Bonnie gets into a fight with Kim over the Cheerleader contest, going so far as the two keep messing each other at the camp site. They later cooperated to beat Ron's old friend Gil, and resulting in the two make peace for the first time. Despite this, they fight against each other again in Full Monkey, yet another Cheerleader contest, but this time Kim wins at the last moment after Wade cured her.

As of the third year, Bonnie crosses path with Kim in the episode Emotion Sickness, surprised that she already dumped Josh Mankey. Later on, Bonnie and Kim are finally forced to stay together during Bonding episode, when a mysterious power released by mistake bound them along. Though Bonnie shows no sympathize to Kim and goes along her business at all, she does help Kim at the end. Toward the end of the year, Bonnie keeps mocking Kim about having no boyfriend at the final party - she gets Brick on her side and that's enough to tease Kim off. Again, Bonnie's plan backfired her when Kim and Ron managed to beat Drakken on his big scheme, resulting in the whole world recognized their efforts. At the end, Kim and Ron danced together and everybody cheered them on, while all Bonnie can do is standing and glaring, as Brick never tries to serenade her

Bonnie keeps making minor appearances during the final year, starting with teasing Kim when she gets her personal car during Car Alarm. In Homecoming Upset, she somehow manages to get chosen as the Queen, while Ron becomes the King. Here, Bonnie clearly shows the idea of stealing Ron from Kim, but after her kiss gets rejected, she collapses and confesses everything, that all she wants is finding true love. Feeling a little sad, Kim lets Bonnie come along during the last part of her mission, and here she finally meets Junior, who immediately falls for her. The final scene shows Bonnie and Junior dancing together, with Kim finally having her boy back.

Her final appearance is in Graduation day, when Mr. Barkin tells her that she didn't pass final exam and has to take summer grades. She later appears on the beach party getting hit by Kim's volley ball, then Junior brings her up and kisses her.


  • "Bonnie" means beautiful, indicates that her family puts a lot of hope in her appearance when she was born.
  • Bonnie has a childhood nickname, Bon-Bon, which she never wants anybody to find out. Her mom reveals it at the end of Downhill episode
  • Bonnie is the only main character that dates a villain character
  • Many fans believe Bonnnie's birthday is September 15th, but this is purely speculation
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