I an: Kieu Tuan Linh

My Full Name: Kiều Tuấn Linh
Date of Birth: January 12th 1989
My Job: Student of NIIT ThangLong
About Myself:
Everything has started to happen right since I was born: Some kind of sickness made me look so weird, different than my folks and my fellows: White Skin, Yellow Hair, Green Eyes... When I was 4, my mom suddenly realized, I also had serious problem with my eyes, resulting in that I CAN'T see anything clearly from far distance! This, however, brought me a very lonely childhood - nobody wants to greet me and they even stay away from me due to my appearance! My life only got brighter when I enterning HighSchool - or after I gained access to the Internet: Here I've met more great friends and fellows, who won't care about my appearance and sickness. For now I'm learning at NIIT ThangLong school, and I'm glad that I have enough time for serving my hobbies, like managing my Website or creating Groovy Videos.
My Personal Website:
Internet Zone hang out:
  1. 911 Community
  2. Administrator
  3. GO Forum
  4. (Moderator)
  5. Website Viet4teen
  6. (Super Moderator)
  7. Gamevn: Thế Giới Trò Chơi
  8. (4th Class Gamer)
Hobby: My Best Video Masterpiece:

Christy Carlson Romano - Say The Word (126 BPM)
Audition's Beat-Up mode

My Game Videos: Click here!

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