Disney's Kim Possible

I-Basic Info:
Several years ago, most of the Animated Cartoons follow the same scenario Saving The World "STW" - this is great and honor ideal for all the Teenagers around the world. However, new cartoons released soon made their fans disappointed, as there are no new interesting change besides the old and bored STW scenario! Disney Channel TV then opened up for boardcasting funny cartoons, and they also release some of the new STW Cartoons released these days. Now, even the scenario still remains unchanged, Disney soon attracted a lot of Fans because their Cartoons are way funnier and better than Cartoon Network, previously the only one TV channel boardcast Cartoons only... In the year of 2002, a new cartoon series called Disney's Kim Possible was released, and this one really blew out a new wind for the Cartoon trend. The fact is, even Kim Possible still uses the same STW scenario, it holds up a great Frendship Lesson Value rather than just fighting and fighting - all the fans can easily recogize it throughout the Storyline between the main characters: Many of them will return in further episodes, and half of the episodes time are used to overview our fellows in normal life time! That, and Kim Possible became one of the rarely Cartoons have "extended season", which is highly requested by Disney's Fans even they don't want to break the 64 Episodes Rule! After all, Kim Possible have many unique attractive points, and you will easily like it by the first time watching!

If there is something you will need for the whole life, it's your friend! Everybody in Middleton Town always wonder, how and why Kimberly Ann "Possible", a great pupil, excellent Cheerleader - could stay close with one of the most useless guy Ronald "Ron" Stoppable? For some reason, Ron appeares to be very insecure, shyly, weird styles and usually fails on doing everything... Even so, Kim still shows up as a good friend of Ron, no matter how annoying he is, no matter how much trouble he causes to her... Well, Kim always knows, the destiny brought Ron to her since the first time they met up in the Kindergarten, and she doesn't just look at Ron's bad factors at all. Because, Ron also has many great talents for both Life time and Mission Duty - Kim accepts to let Ron join her Crime Fighting Rampage at the night, and she understands that nothing can be useful than Ron's weird styles here! That makes them success on many operations even Ron sometime messed thing up a little... But, they are still Boy 'n' Girl, and are HighSchrool pupil already - so dating is one of the biggest problem Kim & Ron must face. Well, that's the past, because after the final showdown at So The Drama Operation, Kimmie finally decided to end up as Ron's Girlfriend - from now on, she will belong together with Ronnie all the time! Mission is still waiting, but there will be nothing splitting Kim & Ron up - ever again...

IV-Kim Possible in Vietnam:
This is very weird with most of us, but Kim Possible is not actually well-known in Vietnam - even if you asked something about this cartoon, many people may realize what it is. To uncover this mystery, let's backtract to 2002, when Disney's Kim Possible is officially released...

Now, I don't know this is funny or not, but not much KP fans in Vietnam know this cartoon's real name. There is two station boardcast this cartoon in the past: VTV3 and Hanoi Cable Station - but, they both spell WRONG cartoon name. Starting with VTV3 (First boardcasted Kim Possible in 2002), they bought it from a Russia Station instead of Disney - and the trouble is here: The cartoon name is spelled Perfect Kimberly (Five-Star Kim) as Russian, so in translation, VTV3 made it "Kim 5+" - oh well, in a long time, many Vietnamese just know KP cartoon as Kim 5+ and it's totally meanless... Later on, Disney Channel is boardcasted through Hanoi Cable Station and Kim Possible is wider-known than before - but, once again, subtitble translation made out wrong cartoon name. We all know this cartoon's full name is "Kim Possible" - or, Possible is Kim's first name. I don't know what the hell's happening, the subtitle translated that word Possible, making it became another weird name "Kim Khả Thi". Since this is fairly match with Vietnamese name and it's still easy-to-hear, more people mistaked KP as Kim Khả Thi - hell yeah, they won't mind looking at the title screen, just the subtitle and they believe it's true. What a point...

That, and in general, there are 3 KP fans group in Vietnam categorized as cartoon name - they never know they are just favoring SAME cartoon anyway. How funny is that!

V-The Fight For Five
In the History Section, we knew that Kim Possible is supposed to end up after 64 episodes - and that's what Disney planned by releasing So The Drama Movie. Since this is one of the BEST series that attracted many fans to Disney, they have filed a pentition, requesting Disney to continue Kim Possible. After two years gathering pentition signs, they finally reached the 100,000 signs target, so Season 4 is created in return to their efforts. Despite the lack of original factors and friendship lesson loss (As trends always say, love makes the world goes around), Season 4 still blew up long trends and preasured many Disney Fans back on the TV - it is short (22 episodes) it is all about love-birds like the other cheap Cartoons, but who care - KP fans LOVE it! Well, another 2 years passed and Disney is facing another request pentition - "The Fight For Five". No matter what, KP Fans want MORE EPISODES, MORE SEASONS - newly released cartoons start to lose fun facts and Kim Possible is the ONLY one good shows left - they want it LIVE LONGER! If you google with The Fight For Five, you may find plenty of websites, forums... support this, and while I'm also fan of KP, I already put link to the request pentition at Homepage. Click here to sign your pentition! Support the Show!

VI-Additional Information
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