KP Fan community History

KP Fan community was created in 2008 when I started uploading Kim Possible episodes on YouTube. Back then, only the forum was available because I have no idea about web programming. In 2010, I created the homepage as part of my college home assignment when I started learning HTML coding. Even though it was really simple, KPFC finally has its own "Main page" instead of just merely a forum. Not long afterward, I registered the CO.CC domain, thus marking KPFC with an easy-to-remember name, The forum was soon changed from Nulled vBulletIn to Discuz!, a free forum code, to avoid copyright problems. KPFC started to live from then on.

Some times afterward, CO.CC suspended my domain without a warning, and they never replied to my demand about an explanation. Getting fed up, I decided to abandon it altogether and purchase a permium one. So, KPFC now had an official domain,, which is still being used nowadays.

Things didn't go on smoothly for us since we are using a Free Hosting service. Soon, Summerhost invaded our privacies with ads all over the place, and I have no way to control it. Since the ads are inserted on the fly, it makes some functions on the forum and KP Wiki effectively corrupted - but, given that not much people even access it, I decided to keep quiet and play by the rule. After all I don't spend any money, so I really don't have the right to ask for anything...

Yet, Summerhost decided to push it by suspending my account for the second time without any explanation. The first one I got suspended, I was notified via Email (Due to too many access per day), but this time - no, nothing at all. All that's displayed on the cPanel was recommendation to upgrade account to Premium - to be honest, I really could do so because of added benefit, but the way they treated me simply made me mad. No, thank you!

Now that I'm cornered, I just have to let money talk - like with the domain, I purchased a Web Hosting at PAVN and moved KPFC data to this host (Luckily that I already got everything backed up on my computer). In just a few days, KPFC is back online and this time we are free of ads problem - yes, paid service has its price!

I know you guys may think I'm silly, to waste money to keep up a personal website that almost nobody visit. Trust me, I just love what I created and I simply want to keep it as part of my good time spending with you guys. I'll never regret spending $50 per year to host KP Fan Community - because I want to be part of the KP Fan.


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