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Nowadays, we have so many fun Cartoons for entertaining, and probably Disney Channel is one of the biggest Cartoon Station, with tons of cool and interesting Cartoons! I won't list all of them here, because, we will discus about one of their Best Cartoon - Disney's Kim Possible. Unlike the other Cartoons, Kim Possible has a large lesson value about Friendship, which all of us highly appreciate in our life! That; and the fan's request finally moved Disney, making them continue creating Kim Possible Season 4 despite of the old rule 64 episodes. You, me, our fellows... we have the right to favorite this cartoon, to watch all the episodes daily - and of course, to run this Website for sharing our words! Register now if you like Kim Possible - and remember, whoever you are, whatever you are, everyone will welcome you! Discuss in our Community now!


Latest news: After one year and 4 months gathering signatures, the official petition has finally passed - official messenger has been sent to Disney! Big thanks to all KP fans and everyone signing the petition!

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